Endeck Synthetic Decking Restores Lost Time and Money from Wood Decks

Synthetic Decking Adds Hours to Your Weekend and Dollars to Your Wallet

Yes, wood looks great the day you bring it home. But can it really withstand the daily wear and tear of your busy life? Wood deteriorates so quickly, we spend excess amounts of time and money trying to keep it looking like it should. Splinters and cracking present safety hazards to our feet – which surely outweighs any benefits.

With a synthetic deck however, you delight in the same look of classic wood texture without the hassle. The low maintenance consists of a simple process using mild detergent and water; and smooth PVC stops you from worrying about splinters, warping, or weathering.

Your new synthetic deck is an investment which pays for itself.

The synthetic deck is made of vinyl, which gives you the classic look of wood for a much simpler investment. Be able to lounge on your deck with:

  • Lower cost: Synthetic prices are kept to a minimum with no strings attached.
  • Comfortable on your feet: Materials are made so it is cool to the touch even on the hottest of days.
  • Lasting durability: Forget staining, sanding, and replacing broken boards. Plus resistance from stains and even sun damage.
  • Design flexibility: Our product innovation allows you to have complete creativity and freedom to bring your ideas to life.
  • Easy installation: Synthetic decking cuts and installs just as easily as wood decking, and uses either traditional face-mounted stainless steel screws or hidden fasteners.

Help protect our environment with your synthetic deck.

Vinyl is environmentally safe and does not promote combustion. Made completely of inorganic materials (No sawdust, rice hulls, flax, or wheatstraw) so microbes don’t have anything to attack. Reduce your environmental footprint with rare, non-toxic materials and experience high-quality results.

Begin the process to finally get the perfect deck – the best look, that is here to stay without hassle, contact Enduris’ synthetic decking experts today.